5 Clever Decorating Ideas for Your TV Wall

5 Clever Decorating Ideas for Your TV Wall
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Televisions are common in most homes, and for many, they are positioned along a central wall in the living room or bedroom. But with much of the wall now taken up, this begs the question: what do you do with the rest of the wall behind your TV?  

There is no one right answer. The options and ideas for interior design go way beyond just a blank wall with a TV! 

1. Create a fake built-in

A functional living room needs storage. Mount the television on the wall, and then use low bookcases and floating shelves to give it a built-in look! 

Not only does this give you a lot of living room storage, it creates the illusion of a built-in bookcase without the permanence of the real thing.

This option works well if you’re a renter, or don’t want to add a permanent built-in for your living room wall.

2. Create a mixed-media look

Add mixed media decor to your television.  Put your TV on a console and surround it with different decor such as frame art, ceramics, decorative items, vases, and plants. 

By doing so, the TV becomes a part of the wall decor rather than an eyesore and focal point. 

This is a good strategy whether you’ve got long and large walls, high ceilings or a narrow room, and if your space needs extra storage. 

Tip: A single color scheme will keep the room feeling eclectic without looking cluttered.

3. Put your TV in a cabinet

When your television is not in use, consider concealing it in a wall cabinet. When you place your TV inside a cabinet, you won’t see it unless you open the cabinet doors! 

This would be perfect for living rooms that are more formal, where it would look odd to have a television. It’s also a good choice for a bedroom where you prefer not to see the TV when you first wake up.

4. Cover Your TV With A Curtain

There are many uses for curtains besides covering windows! If you don’t want to be bothered with TV wall decor, they are also a clever way to cover your television. 

Simply pull the curtains to when you’re not watching TV and you create the illusion of a neutral wall or large window.

5. Disguise it as part of a gallery wall

Surround your wall-mounted or TV with framed art to make it less visible. Use the art to “frame” the TV. This can also be done with a TV placed on top of a console. 

Doing this will help to remove the focal point from the TV and “disguise” it as part of the room’s decor. Choosing a darker wall color will create less contrast with the TV and help it blend in even more.

Finally, keep the following tips in mind when deciding how to decorate your TV wall:

  • ⬥ Keep it simple. To create a calm space, keep clutter to a minimum – including the different accessories, wires, etc. 
  • ⬥ Use color to help disguise the TV, such as an accent wall painted in a dark color
  • ⬥ As most TVs are black, neutral tones and/or contrasts such as wood or brick work well

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