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Karol Kinnis

Karol came to Paducah Benton after being in the Pharmaceutical and Accounting fields for many years. Making the switch over to Paducah Insurance was a decision made easy by the good friends and great atmosphere.  She’s excited to put the effort and detail into the accounts she will manage. Envelope

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Jared Morgan, CIC, CRM

Jared started in the family insurance business in 2004 after two years serving in youth ministry. He worked at Bradshaw & Weil for 12 years before starting American Church Group of Kentucky in 2016. ACG KY is a niche agency that specializes in Religious Non-Profits. In 2019, ACG KY merged with Bob Johnson Insurance and

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Jaime Poe

Jaime came to us from Austin Insurance Services in Benton and had been there for 1.5 years.  A proven record of success across diverse educational settings, including Marshall County Exceptional Center, Kentucky Department of Education, Marshall County High School and Murray High School demonstrates strong ability to manage multiple priorities while exceeding expectations.  When not

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Darin Austin

Darin Austin is an experienced professional with over three decades in the insurance industry. His journey began in 1995 when he joined the family insurance agency in Benton, Kentucky, where he honed his skills and built a strong foundation in the field. In 1998, Darin took the next step in his career by purchasing Lyon

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