8 Clever Bathroom Storage Upcycling Ideas

In a small house, storage is at a premium, but if your storage solution can serve double duty, and triple duty if it’s repurposed! 

Not only do you have something useful when you’re done, but you’re giving a rescue item new life!

Think about it…why use dull plastic bins when you can create a unique DIY bathroom storage solution? 

If you are looking for ways to store things in the bath, here are some repurposed ideas for you. Your wallet, the planet, and your bathroom will all benefit from upcycling!

1. Organize your bathroom with a DIY recycled organizer

Almost everyone has that bathroom “stuff” that clutters up the drawers and counters. Makeup removal pads, cotton swabs, cotton balls…you get the idea. 

See this tutorial from ‘My Creative Days‘ for an easy and rustic repurposing idea for storing all those bathroom goodies. A few mason jars, hooks and a scrap piece of wood can be used to make this bathroom organizer.

2. From broken chair to useful shelf

With this tutorial from ‘Prodigal Pieces‘, you’ll learn how to repurpose an old chair into a pretty shelf. You can create adorable DIY bathroom storage with this easy DIY project!

3. Make your own bathroom storage basket

Using an old cooking pot and sisal rope, Anderson + Grant made a DIY bathroom basket! How cool is this? Here are some simple steps for covering an old pot!).

4. Shelf made from reclaimed wood

8 Clever Bathroom Storage Upcycling Ideas

This clever shelf gets props for being very unique.

Get inspired by this repurposing idea from ‘Funky Junk Interiors‘ to update your bathroom with Farmhouse charm! A thrift store or a Habitat for Humanity store will often have old shutters on hand.

5. DIY vanity

Bathroom Storage Upcycling Ideas

Interested in adding a lot of bathroom storage without a complete remodel? Consider repurposing an old dresser! Make It In The Mountains has all the step-by-step directions for this project. Isn’t it stunning?

6. Cheap and easy repurposed ladder shelf

8 Clever Bathroom Storage

All you need to create more DIY bathroom storage is an old ladder and a little chicken wire. It is simple to follow the instructions in this tutorial from the site Hometalk, using inexpensive (and even free) materials.

7. Towel rack made with vintage faucets

8 Clever Bathroom Storage Upcycling

Better Homes and Gardens has a clever repurposing idea for vintage faucets that is not only cheap, but easy to do! Vertical space is perfect for bathrooms; especially if they’re small. 

You can hang your bathrobes, towels and even laundry bags on these “hooks”!

8.Freestanding ladder shelf DIY

Clever Bathroom Storage Upcycling Ideas

No matter the type of ladder you have, you can repurpose it to suit your bathroom storage needs. Check out House Beautiful’s clever DIY bathroom storage solution made from old ladders and spare wood!

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Source: Zen of Zada

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