Rattan Garden Furniture: 5 Things To Know

Rattan Garden Furniture: 5 Things To Know
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So, you want to make your garden more inviting? Instead of bombarding it with more flowers and plants, maybe it’s time to consider some furniture. You and your guests might want to take quick breaks from touring your colorful yard. Why not rest and relax on some garden furniture made of rattan?

Rattan furniture has become and still is a hot trend for many homeowners. They match the woodsy and outdoorsy vibe gardens have, and they’re not going to lose their rustic beauty no matter what year it is.

If you’re interested to learn more, read on for an essential and brief guide on rattan garden furniture. 

1. They’re Weather-Resistant

Since you’re looking for furniture for your garden, your first question might be, ‘Is rattan furniture waterproof?’ Like any outdoor venue, a garden is prone to the harsh effects of the changing weather especially when there’s rain, heat, or snow. The first thing you should know is that waterproof is not the same as weatherproof.

Water rolls off from waterproof materials easily. It will not absorb any moisture and other liquids left on its surface until it dries off or falls. Weatherproof materials can withstand damages caused by weather changes. For example, a piece of weatherproof furniture can prevent rainwater or frost from seeping into its tight spaces. The moisture from the elements can split or rot fibers if they get through the cracks.

Some manufacturers make rattan garden furniture as weather-resistant as possible. Some may also be UV resistant, so you’re assured that their colors won’t fade under the harsh sun. If you’re still concerned about the quality of your rattan furniture under rain, snow, or strong sunlight, you’re free to put weather-protective covers over them for better protection. 

2. They’re Eco-Friendly

Nowadays, many people prefer to have practical and eco-friendly items to save the environment and space at home. Well, guess what? Rattan furniture is both! 

Made from naturally renewable climbing palms woven together, they’re durable yet lightweight. Rattan is sustainable since instead of cutting the whole tree, harvesters only cut down its vines, which grow back quickly.

Rattan Garden Furniture: 5 Things To Know

With other wooden furniture, whole trees get cut down to gather the materials. This act often results in deforestation and further ecological damage. By cutting only the vines of the rattan tree, harvesters avoid mass chopping of forest trees and maintain a healthy habitat for the fauna living there.

3. They’re Hardy And Versatile

There’s a reason why rattan is used to make furniture in the first place. You may have seen rattan furniture in your grandparents’ homes as a kid and wondered if they’ve ever bothered to replace them when you were growing up. They most likely haven’t. And why should they? Rattan is a material that can last up to 50 years or more with proper care.

Unlike leather or other wood materials, rattan lasts far longer. Though, like any piece of item you’d like to preserve for a long time, you’ll need to give them regular cleaning. Rattan furniture is almost always woven, so expect dust and dirt to rest in between the spaces of the fibers. For maintenance tips, check out this guide on cleaning rattan furniture.

4. They’re Compact And Are Easy To Move Around

You can buy rattan furniture pieces individually or, better yet, as a set. They’re great for smaller gardens, and some sets can be joined together to form a small-sized coffee table. If you’re looking for space-saving furniture, rattan furniture is your best bet.

Since they’re also lightweight, you’ll have no problem picking them up on your own. These pieces are easy to clean and move from place to place in your garden because of their material. 

5. They’re Stylish And Are Great Indoors Or Outdoors

No matter the style of your home or garden, rattan furniture can find a way to fit in. Since they’re made of vines and have a rustic feel, they match other natural elements like flowers and rocks. Even if you decide to put them indoors instead, they’ll add coziness and warmth to your home’s sleek, modern interior.

Most basic rattan furniture available in stores comes in brown shades, but with a bit of online browsing, you’ll find pieces in various colors. You’re bound to stumble upon rattan chairs and tables painted in your favorite color or a color that complements the theme of your garden. 

Though they fit in anywhere, rattan pieces still look best outdoors. Whatever you’ve got in your garden, they’ll amplify the existing beauty through their versatility. Garden furniture can enhance your home’s outdoor design, and more often than not, it’s the rattan furniture that shines best.

Take A Seat And Enjoy The View

The temptation might lead you to purchase wrought iron or other wooden pieces when looking for garden furniture. Rattan furniture is more customizable, elegant, and easy to move in and around your garden. 

They also make an excellent investment since most rattan pieces are considerably cheaper and can last for years. Your guests will enjoy hanging out in the garden more often, and so will you.

Alicia Medina

Alicia Medina is a full-time mother of two and is a huge fan of gardening. In her spare time, she writes blog posts about home and garden maintenance and easy recipes. When she’s not busy with running errands, Alicia enjoys boxing for exercise and dabbling with photography.

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