How to Design the Perfect Entryway

The first thing a visitor sees when walking into your home is the entryway, which helps set the mood for the rest of your house. In addition to creating a first impression for guests, it is also the first and last thing you see when you walk in every day. 

In other words, your entryway should be a welcome sight at the end of the day! However, it should also function well. There’s no point in creating an attractive modern entryway if it doesn’t serve your needs.

Determine what the space needs

In most entryways, there is an adjacent closet for coat storage, tucking away shoes, and storing light items. While using this space is great in theory, in reality, closets have an amazing capacity to attract clutter. 

If this is true in your case, you’ll want to create a storage center for those items such as bags, shoes, purses, car keys, etc. that you need on a day to day basis.

How to furnish your entryway

What does a successful entryway need to have? Specifically, storage, seating, and style.

It can be super helpful to have a place to sit, especially if you have young kids and are still tying their shoes! Seating options for entryways include benches, stools, dining chairs, or an armchair if you have a large foyer to fill.

This seat serves as a place of welcome for guests and lets them remove their outerwear before entering the main part of your home.

The storage you choose for your entryway will depend on your needs. It could be anything from coat hooks and baskets to a credenza with closed doors or an ottoman to hide clutter. Alternatively, it might be a simple console table where you can keep your keys, your mail, and takeout menus.

Keep in mind that choosing storage items for your entryway depends on what you need to store, who lives in the house, and even the season (winter boots and coats take up more space than sandals, so you might need to adjust it from season to season).

Adding your own personal touch to your entryway design

Since your entryway is the first thing both you and guests see as you enter your home, it should match the rest of your home’s decor well. Elements such as a stylish rug, art you love, or even a gorgeous mirror can add personal touches.

Showcase your style

All of us have different styles, collections, and passions found in our homes. Look for ways to incorporate your collection of antiques or love of plants into your entryway to show off your style and make your guests feel like part of your family.

5 Quick tips on designing the perfect entryway

1. Choose an “anchor” piece

Begin with an anchor piece that will define your entryway as a part of your home and give it functionality. Depending on the space, this can be something like a console table, a side table or bench.

2. Add a rug

Rugs provide warmth and texture to your entryway look, defining the space and creating a visual boundary. Adding rugs to your entryway is a good way to add depth and character to it, whether it’s a long vintage runner, a rustic cowhide, or a small piece under the console table in an open concept home.

3. Add lighting

Creating a cozy, inviting ambiance begins with lighting. Adding a statement light to attract the eye in an entryway is great, but layering in a lamp is also a great option.

4. Use a focal point

Place a large piece of wall decor such as artwork or a mirror above your anchor table. This will draw attention to this part of the space, resulting in a balanced focal point. 

Using mirrors in entryways is a great way to enlarge a space, but they also work well in large entryways.

5. Add a layer of decoration and artwork

Add functional storage pieces such as textured baskets for shoes, small bowls for keys and a basket for mail drop-off. Next, add decorative items such as books, greenery, candles and art to really bring the space to life.

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Source: Zen of Zada

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