Halloween Safety Tips for Teens

Teens dressed up on halloween

Whether you love the tricks or prefer the treats, Halloween is just around the corner and so is the sweet-filled tradition of trick-or-treating. This might just be the year your teen or tween would rather canvas the neighborhood without any grownups tagging along. While a scary transition for parents, it’s also an exciting time as your child learns to become more independent.

Before they head out on Halloween to have fun with their friends, take some time to talk with your child about how to stay safe. (And remember your home is protected with Erie Insurance if any tricks do come your way.) Here are six things to consider discussing and doing before your son or daughter heads out.

  1. Set boundaries. Plan out a safe route in advance and ensure your teen or tween knows the major streets so they can navigate their way home. Explain to only visit houses with lights on, and to never enter the house of someone they don’t know for any reason. If they will be crossing the street, remind them to be extra careful because there may be an influx of intoxicated drivers on Halloween night.
  2. Drive safe. Whether your kids are borrowing your car, driving their own, or riding with friends, remind them that Halloween is a time when it’s especially important to be vigilant while driving at night. Remind them of these tips to mitigate any texting and driving and have them budget extra time to get where they’re going. With hordes of trick-or-treaters crossing streets, alert them to pay extra attention and take it slow.
  3. Avoid the tricks. This one is trickier, because it’s not likely that your teenager will let you know if they’re up to some Halloween mischief – such as midnight pranks, vandalism or trespassing in a cemetery or abandoned house. Have a talk about the consequences/dangers and consider setting a curfew.
  4. Host your own gathering. If you don’t want to wonder about them, consider giving your teens and their friends a safe place to socialize and hang out at your place. If you're planning to go all out with a spooky theme and elaborate costumes, check out these tips for hosting the ultimate holiday party.
  5. Brighten up your costume. The brighter the costume, the better. This will increase visibility and decrease the possibility of getting lost. The color that results in highest visibility is white, especially for cars to see. If your tween or teen’s costume or clothing is dark, we suggest adding reflective strips for added visibility.
  6. Stay in a group. While most teens fully believe they are invincible, wandering off on their own (especially on a busy night like Halloween) is one of the most dangerous things they can do. Remind them how important it is to never be alone, especially after the sun goes down.

Keeping You Protected

Halloween might be scary, but your insurance doesn’t have to be. At ERIE, we want you to feel safe and protected, which is why we have agents that can personalize your insurance coverage to fit your growing family. Reach out to your local ERIE agent today about adding your new driver to your policy.


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