6 Ideas on Remodeling your Flat on a Shoestring Budget

6 ideas on remodeling your flat on a shoestring budget

Do you need to be rich to feel good when you step into your living room? Luckily, the answer is no, you don’t. Arranging the living space is something like cooking – it can sometimes be expensive, but the secret ingredient is love and dedication.

So, let’s say you finally settled, and now you want to make the place a bit more personal and cozy. Or, you’ve been in that one place for a long time, and now you long for a change. Another case could be that you are planning to sell the place, but you want to renovate to improve your investment gains. The problem: your budget is limited. 

Don’t worry, because there is actually no problem. If the budget is limited, your imagination isn’t. Here is what can be done.

1. Rearrange and uncover

Sometimes, just moving a shelf from one place to another can change the entire configuration of the room. Sometimes, just looking at the same things at the same place is what makes you tired and bored of the space. Try to think of different ways you could rearrange the furniture (sofas, beds, shelves…), and pick the one that seems most satisfying.

Besides, do you really need to buy new things, or have you forgotten about that old set of coffee cups you inherited a long time ago? Think of things you have forgotten, and display them. You could be surprised what things we have discarded can do for our living spaces.

2. Get inspiration in other cultures

Perhaps you can break the monotony by buying an African goblet drum or a Chinese lamp. Properly combined, these things can bring in dynamism and exotics to your living space. 

Try to visit different parts of your town or check out what’s on sale. Also, you might be astonished by what you can find on Turkish bazaars and suburban marketplaces. 

Details like these could be game-changers if you have a property for sale. Because they are unusual, they leave a strong impression on people and can significantly influence buying decisions.

3. Engage friends for some budget hacks

Let’s say you want a new sofa. Prick up your ears, talk about it, because maybe your friend might be thinking of buying new armchairs, but don’t do it because they don’t have enough money. What if you two buy an entire set, share the costs, and then each takes what you need? It is going to be much cheaper than buying the sofa and armchairs separately.

4. Check second-hand online shops and social media giveaway groups

Every country has that one (or several) websites where people sell literally everything, from soup to nuts. Usually, there are some amazing pieces of furniture, decoration, and amenities other people don’t like or need. Sometimes it happens you can find brand new stuff at very affordable prices there. Someone might have gotten a lamp as a gift, but they don’t like it. And now they are selling it for some ridiculous amount, while it would fit perfectly in that corner of yours.

Also, some cities have Facebook groups where people post when they don’t need something. It often happens that people give away amazing stuff. Besides, you can use these groups to get rid of some things you feel sorry to trash, but don’t want anymore. Perhaps you can even exchange those things for something you need? It could also be a great way to contribute to the community and meet new people. 

5. Think about details

If you currently don’t have money for a grand renovation, there are other things you can do. You can paint the stairs, or put a runner on them. Or, you could refresh the paint on your floorboards. Reupholstering old furniture is another cheap hack that could entirely change the atmosphere.

As for the kitchen, try to add a new, higher table or change the backsplash. Put or remove cabinet doors. Introduce a new set of curtains.

Let’s not forget about the bathroom. You can add crazy wallpaper, shower curtains, or candles for more relaxing baths. How about installing a small waterproof speaker for some nice music while you take a shower?

6. Add a garden room

This one would need some medium-budget investment, but it has a vast potential to improve the quality of life. Imagine a little hut in your backyard, surrounded by flowers. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, and you can even repurpose some old garden depository. Perhaps it would need some tree triage, to clear out a forgotten brushed corner of your yard for a future garden room. 

It could be only big enough for a comfortable sofa, a heating device, a TV and a speaker set. Having such a place for relaxation, contemplation, or work could be a game-changer.


A good side of remodeling your flat with a limited budget is that you have to live sustainably, even if you don’t intend to. By repurposing and using second-hand furniture, giving away stuff you don’t need instead of throwing it away, you reduce waste and overconsumption. At the same time, a limited budget can be a great opportunity to work your magic and improvise in order to feel better in your living space.

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Source: Zen of Zada

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