12 Stunning Mailbox Makeover Ideas for Maximum Curb Appeal

Source: Grandin Road

Think about it. Mailboxes are exposed to all kinds of abuses. Weather, vehicles accidentally bumping into the post they’re sitting on and even dogs leaving their “mark” behind!

If your mailbox looks like it’s seen better days, here are some great mailbox makeover ideas that can bring new life to this very important feature of modern life!

1. Coastal Style Mailbox

With a coat of spray paint in a vivid light blue and scrapbook paper in lobster print, it transforms an ordinary mailbox into a coastal mailbox. Adorable!

Image courtesy: ModgePodgeRocks

2. Naturally beautiful

Just a couple of potted plants around the mailbox can dramatically improve your curb appeal. Hostas are a good choice.

Image source: Pinterest

3. Fast and Easy Makeover

Making over this mailbox took less than an hour, and it just proves that the little details make a big difference. Using spray stain on the posts, she made her house numbers pop with green paint.

Image source: RainOnaTinRoof

4. Easy Mailbox Overhaul

This mailbox needed a serious makeover! It now has an elegant look with the cast stone, and the approach of putting the reflective numbers below instead of on the mailbox itself is a classy choice.

Image source: Pinterest

5. Fantastic Florals

It looks great with flowers on either side of the mailbox! The pavers around the bottom are also a nice touch.

Image source: The Homespun Hydrangea

6. Easy Changeable Makeover

Decal stickers can add a bit of pizzazz to your mailbox without requiring a permanent change. Not only are they fast and easy to use, but you can change them whenever you like.

Image source: Hawk-Hill

7. Vintage Beauty

Create a beautiful vintage look by staining an old barn beam and adding a copper mailbox.

Image source: Pinterest

8. You’ve Got Mail!

This adorable mailbox looks like a house! The mailbox looks much better after they redid the numbers and added some black paint and a monogram letter.

Image source: Redhead Can Create

9. Simple and beautiful

Another beautiful landscaped mailbox with purple flowers and pretty pavers around the bottom.

Image source: Twenty-FiveOhOne

10. Classy and stylish

Classic and timeless, black and gold never goes out of style. Accent your mailbox with seasonal items to make it the focal point of your yard.

Image source: Home Depot Blog

11. Geographically gorgeous

Originally, this was just a black mailbox. The white paint and hexagonal details give it a stylish makeover.

Image source: LollyJane

11. Original and beautiful ombre

Don’t be afraid to experiment with ombre. The blue hue is stunning, but you can use any color.

Image source: Embrace My Space

12. Presto, chango mailbox makeover

Finally, for a quick and easy mailbox makeover that can really wow the neighbors with the results, try this one; a ready to go slipover for your mailbox!

Image source: Love of Family and Home

As you can see, one of the best things about making over your mailbox is that it’s such an easy home improvement project you can do it whenever the mood strikes. Who doesn’t love that?

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