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Child Protection Program

Our Goal at My Ministry Checks is to educate and train volunteers in the signs of sexual abuse and how to identify issues before they happen. Our Six step course will allow volunteers to watch a video and take a pre-quiz with the correct answers. Once they have completed the pre-quiz they can move onto the accountability test. Once the volunteer has completed this test with 90 percent of correct answers, they will be rewarded with a certificate of completion which they should return to the leader of the ministry that is volunteering it.

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What does My Minisitry Checks Content Cover?



What is a Child Protection Program?

MMC Course 1.1

What is an ACE Score?

Learn what impacts an A.C.E Score

MMC Course 1.2

Battle Against Abuse

When do abusers start?

MMC Course 1.3

Abuser Behavior

Preventing the abusive behavior

MMC Course 1.4

Child Protect Plan

Learn how you can help prevent abuse.

MMC Course 1.5

What's My Role?

What is expected of a volunteer.

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